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When it comes to getting Synthetic Oil Change for your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV, many of our customers feel more comfortable knowing that a Honda certified technician at Mile High Honda will do the best job in providing the oil change. We also strive to add value to every Synthetic Oil Change Service by finishing the job quickly and conveniently. It is to extend the most value to our customers that Mile High Honda provides a quick and convenient Synthetic Oil Change Service provided by a Honda certified technician.


Synthetic or Conventional?


Conventional oil is known to form sludge and Synthetic does not. However, when synthetic oil starts to break down, it will not be as effective as a lubricant and engine temperatures can increase. Synthetic oil can often withstand harsh conditions, resists sludge build-up, and last longer. Due to the strengths of synthetic oil, it is recommended for vehicles doing heavy towing, runs an older engine with extensive mileage, drives in frequent stop-and-go traffic, or lives in a region with hot summers and cold winters.


How often should I change my synthetic oil?


Honda generally recommends oil change service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles but this is contingent upon the oil type and driving style. Although synthetic oil generally lasts longer than conventional oil, harsh driving conditions including stop-and-go traffic and hot ambient temperatures will cause oil to start breaking down sooner. If your engine oil starts to look dark or if you have driven beyond the recommended service interval, it is time to get a Synthetic Oil Change Service at Mile High Honda.


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Mile High Honda is ready to provide you with Synthetic Oil Change Service. If you have driven beyond the recommended service interval, or if your engine oil is becoming darker, it is not worth the risk of driving in the summer heat with poor synthetic oil. Protect your engine by keeping it lubricated and running cool with a Honda Synthetic Oil Change Service. Schedule an appointment at Mile High Honda to have one of our Honda certified technicians remove your old oil and filter and replace it with new synthetic oil and filter.

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Mile High Honda Offers Synthetic Oil Changes for Customers in the Denver area!