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Flat tires can be inconvenient, and blowouts can be dangerous. If it can be helped, it’s best not to wait until after one of these things happens to get your tires replaced.


There are signs to determine early on when your Honda is in need of new tires.


5 Warning Signs You Need New Tires

  1. Decreased Tread Depth – The tread on your tires should never fall beneath 1/16 of an inch (1.6 millimeters) in depth. If you regularly drive on wet, slick surfaces, you’d be better off with twice that much.
  2. The Tread Wear Indicator Bar – Newer tires have a convenience that older tires do not. They have indicator bars built into the tires themselves. These bars are not visible (or barely visible) on brand new tires, and they slowly appear as the treads wear down.
  3. Cracks in the Sidewall – Look for cracks or cuts in the sidewall. These grooves will be distinct enough to be easily visible to the naked eye. This could signify your tire is developing a leak, or worse.
  4. Bulges or Blisters on the Tire – Sometimes the outer surface of the tire begins to weaken, resulting in a bulge or blister that extends outwards from the rest of the tire surface. This weak spot can cause a sudden blowout.
  5. Too Much Vibration – A certain amount of vibration is normal when driving, especially on poorly paved or gravel roads. But if the vibration feels excessive in comparison to what you’re used to, this can be an early indicator that your tires are wearing out or may even be misaligned.


Whether you’ve experienced a flat, a blowout, or your tires are showing warning signs, the best way to ensure you buy the correct replacement for your vehicle’s make and model is to shop through a certified dealership. That’s why Honda drivers in the Denver area should shop with Mile High Honda!


The experienced technicians at our Honda Authorized Tire Center will help you select the ideal tires for your vehicles, the way you drive them, and the roads you drive on.


With access to a complete collection of different Genuine Honda Tire options, rest assured your Honda dealership is your one-stop-shop for any and all of your tire buying needs.


But perhaps you aren’t looking to buy new tires?


If you’re looking for tire repairs, tire rotations, or any other tire service, Mile High Honda has you covered!


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