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One of the best value-added features of Honda Serpentine Belt Service is the Multi-Point Inspection of the Accessory Drive Belt System. This part of the service regularly helps our customers identify minor problems before they become major repairs that are more expensive. Schedule a Honda Serpentine Belt System Wear Inspection at Mile High Honda in Denver to have one of our Honda certified technicians take care of you.  

What’s a serpentine belt?

Your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV relies on its serpentine belt to run. The serpentine belt transfers force from the combustion chamber through a series of pullies to run the various vehicle accessories such as the alternator, crankshaft, water pump, air compressor, and the power steering pump. All of these components make up the Accessory Drive System. Without a serpentine belt, your Honda vehicle cannot run at all.


Warning Signs of a faulty Serpentine Belt System

  • You can hear a squealing noise from the front of your vehicle
  • The power steering and/or air conditioning is not working
  • The engine is overheating
  • The serpentine belt shows cracks and/or signs of wear


Driving a vehicle with an old serpentine belt is a safety risk and can cause expensive damages if your engine overheats and seizes up. The moment you notice any of these warning signs, contact us immediately to give you a proper diagnosis of the problem. Mile High Honda in Denver makes serpentine belt system repairs easy by scheduling an appointment at our service center.


Visual Inspection for Cracks and Wear

Every Honda Serpentine Belt System Wear Inspection begins with a Honda certified technician that knows your vehicle better than anyone else. We know that it is a great idea to have an expert inspect your serpentine belt and pulleys periodically to check for cracks, missing chunks, abrasions, rib separation, uneven rib wear, or damaged ribs. If the Honda certified technician notices any of these, you know that it is time to replace your Honda serpentine belt.

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