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Mile High Honda has many Honda certified technicians that are Nitrogen Inflation Experts. The expert technicians at Mile High Honda of Denver can provide you with nitrogen tire inflation as well as genuine Honda approved replacement tires and complete any range of tire services at competitive pricing. Schedule an appointment today at Mile High Honda of Denver to have one of our Honda certified technicians provide you with Nitrogen Tire Inflation Service.

Nitrogen? Why use Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a gas that has many benefits inside your tires. The first major benefit is improved fuel mileage. When your tires are underinflated, they experience more friction when rolling and this causes reduced gas mileage. Nitrogen molecules are larger than regular compressed air. The result is that nitrogen-filled tires are able to retain factory specified air pressures for 3 to 4 times longer. When your tires remain perfectly inflated for longer, this equates to greater miles per gallon.


Nitrogen and Handling

Nitrogen can also improve handling Nitrogen has shown that it is more reliable and safer than regular air because it keeps your tires inflated perfectly for longer. Underinflated tires will experience progressive loss of contact with the road, which affects handling and safety because drivers can lose control. One of the easiest ways to improve your tires’ performance is to have Honda Nitrogen Tire Inflation Service.


Nitrogen Saves you Money!

Miles drove annually: 15,000

Average tire replacement cost: $150

Average gas price/gallon: $3

MPG of your vehicle: 25


Using the U.S. Department of Transportation’s average vehicle mileage per year, we can calculate your savings from Nitrogen Tire Inflation Service. Nitrogen will reduce your annual fuel costs by $63 and tire life savings of $48 per tire. This equals a total savings per year of approximately $255. That means Nitrogen Tire Inflation Service pays for itself by reducing fuel and tire costs.

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Nitrogen Tire Inflation at Mile High Honda in Denver