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Genuine Honda Wheels in Denver

Whether you’re looking to replace a damaged wheel, or you want to customize your Honda with a brand new set, Mile High Honda has you covered. Our Accessories Department stocks a large inventory of wheels that fit your style and needs.


Our Honda Certified Technicians are fully trained and equipped to install your new wheels, and our OEM wheels are the best option when it comes to keeping your vehicle running and looking its best.


Why Buy Honda OEM Wheels Instead of Aftermarket Wheels?


  • Single Tire Replacement – If you need a single wheel replaced, you can buy just one OEM wheel and it will be an exact match to the others on your vehicle. If you were to purchase an aftermarket product, you would need to buy four new wheels to be sure all of them match. It is important all four wheels are the same, to prevent issues like misalignment, uneven tire wear, poor fuel economy, and unnecessary strain on your suspension.
  • Availability – Manufacturers constantly discontinue their aftermarket wheels in hopes of selling newer, more expensive wheels to owners. With the cease in production, you will rarely find these wheels available on the market in new or excellent condition. If you do happen to find the same wheel, the chances are the price will have increased due to the increased rarity of the product. Your only other option would then be to start over with a completely new set of wheels.
  • Better Fit for Your Vehicle – Our OEM Wheels are made by Honda. They are guaranteed to exactly match the same factory specifications as the wheels that came on your vehicle when it rolled off the assembly line. OEM replacement wheels will fit your tires and your vehicle’s hub bearings perfectly. The fitment and compatibility of OEM wheels provide a better ride for your vehicle than Aftermarket wheels. Things will feel smoother as you’re going down the road, and your vehicle will ultimately sustain less wear and tear as you go about your everyday routine.
  • More Affordable in the Long Run – It’s true, Aftermarket wheels are often cheaper at face value. But that is because they are often made with cheaper materials for mass production. This leads to a far lesser quality product when compared to Honda OEM wheels. You will have to replace Aftermarket wheels more often, making them ultimately more expensive over a longer period of time.


When it’s time to purchase new wheels for your vehicle, Genuine Honda Wheels are simply the best way to go, and Mile High Honda makes it easy to select and purchase the right wheels for your vehicle’s exact Honda year and model.


Simply fill out a parts request form on this page. A member of our staff will be in touch to verify your order with you, and then we will submit everything on your behalf.


If you have any questions or concerns prior to purchasing your new wheels, call our Parts Department or stop by our dealership to speak with a parts expert in person.


For Honda drivers in the Denver area, Mile High Honda is the number one destination for parts and service. Trust us with all your Honda wheel related needs!

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