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Honda Water Pump Replacement Service in Denver

Your Honda’s water pump pushes coolant through your vehicle’s engine, radiator and hoses to keep the engines heat away from the system. This is vital to a properly functioning vehicle and can be devastating to your whole engine system if it fails. Make sure you get your Honda’s recommended maintenances so that this, as well as other essential parts, are checked routinely so you are never left stranded with an overheating engine. The water pump is one of those small parts that can get lost when you are keeping up with your Honda’s maintenance on your own but don’t let it.


Common Signs of a Failing Water Pump:

  1. Steam is coming off of your Honda’s radiator – When you are driving and see steam coming from under your hood you should stop as soon as you find a safe place and have your vehicle towed so no further damage is caused to the engine.
  2. Your Honda’s temperature control is up because your engine is overheating – Again you should get this looked at ASAP. However, if your temp gauge is frequently running hot this could be another issue, but should still be looked at in a timely manner.
  3. Coolant is leaking from your Honda – If a green color liquid is leaking from the center of the front of your Honda this could mean that there is a crack in your water pump and it is time for a replacement.
  4. You hear a whining sound from the motor – If a high-pitched sound is coming from your engine area and increases as you accelerate your Honda get your vehicle towed to Mile High Honda immediately. This could mean that a pulley is loose or that the bearings are wearing out.

Replacing a water pump in your Honda might sound like an easy DIY, and if you are experienced it might be. If not, you may want to leave this one to the professionals because just getting to it means draining coolant, removing belts, bolts and much more. Remember to use a Honda OEM water pump.


There is no better place in the Denver and surrounding areas to bring your Honda for a water pump replacement than Mile High Honda. Our Honda Certified Technicians are amazing and know every inch of your vehicle. Feel assured that your Honda and its whole engine system will be checked out and returned to you in peak performance condition. Schedule your appointment today and see why we are the best Honda Service Department in town for over 30 years!

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