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Honda Timing Belt Replacement Service in Denver

Your Honda’s engine has two main shafts in it, the camshaft and the crankshaft. The timing belt not only connects the two, it turns them together when the time is right so that the piston and valves jump when they are supposed to. The name “timing belt” is because it is just that, it connects and turns essential parts so that the engine functions as it should in the correct time sequence to protect the integrity with optimal performance.


Now, that if this amazing and vital part breaks? It is made of rubber and Denver is a dry climate with some extreme temperature jumps throughout the year. Rotting and breaking are common with age which is why getting your Honda serviced routinely and checked out can help make sure your timing belt is replaced before it leaves you stranded.


Contact Mile High Honda’s Service Department and we can let you know the recommended mileage to replace your Honda’s timing belt for your specific model and year.


Signs of a breaking/failing timing belt:

  1. Your Honda’s engine won’t start or “turn over”  – Without a functioning timing belt, your engine won’t be able to start, let alone run properly.
  2. Oil is leaking from the front center of your Honda – This can happen if the engine overheats and can wear out the belt before its time.
  3. Your engine misfires – if this occurs, come see us in Denver ASAP so that you are not left with horrible engine damage.
  4. A sort of ticking noise is coming from the motor – When the timing belt is beginning to wear out it can cause the belt to create a ticking noise that is indicating you should get it looked at immediately. It’s rare that you get this lucky with a warning so heed it.

If you are worried that your Honda is due for a timing belt replacement soon or you are experiencing one of the signs above, do not hesitate to bring your car into Mile High Honda. We have been around for over 30 years in the Denver area and promise to take care of you and your vehicle so you don’t have to worry. We offer the best service possible for your Honda with our Certified Technicians making sure your car is ready to run great the entire life of your vehicle, using only Genuine OEM Timing Belts. Enjoy our many amenities while you wait, but don’t wait to schedule your next appointment with us. Do it today!

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