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If you have any symptoms of faulty spark plugs or if you can’t remember the last time your spark plugs were inspected, it is important to schedule Honda Spark Plug Replacement Service with us at Mile High Honda of Denver. Every Honda Spark Plug Replacement Service provides you with the opportunity to have your vehicle’s ignition system totally inspected to catch minor issues before they become costly repairs.

Spark Plugs: Tiny yet Powerful

Spark plugs are tiny yet powerful engine components that provide the spark of electricity that ignite the air-fuel mixture as it enters the combustion chamber. The actual spark is produced between two points at the end of the plug that is only a fraction of an inch apart from each other. The spark and this small gap face extreme heat and pressure as they do their important job. To make their job even harder, as fuel is combusted, it can create carbon deposits that start to close the gap at the end of the plug that allows the electricity to arch and combust fuel. When the combustion chamber is not given an adequate spark, your engine cannot operate at peak performance.


There are several symptoms of spark plugs going bad:


  • The engine idle is rough
  • The engine has trouble starting
  • The engine misfires
  • You feel a surge or hesitation from the engine after pressing the gas pedal
  • You notice that your fuel efficiency has decreased
  • Poor acceleration




Honda Certified Spark Plug Replacement Service

Spark plugs are not an easy replacement because of their location in the engine and the need for special equipment such as a gap gauge, spark plug socket, and a torque wrench. Don’t hassle yourself trying to change the spark plugs yourself when we have a team of Honda certified technicians that can guarantee to get the job done right at an affordable price. We only use genuine Honda approved spark plugs because they have faced the trials of rigorous testing to ensure peak vehicle performance. Generic knockoff spark plugs can offer no guarantee that they will work as you expect.

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