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Denver Honda Check Engine Light – What to Do!

Whenever the dreaded check engine light turns on people usually have one of two reactions, one, to completely ignore it (not a good idea) or two, become fearful and anxious (probably unnecessary). Your Honda’s engine is hooked up to a computer that reads the environmental conditions, your driving conditions, and the engine’s condition so if your light turns on one or multiple readings are showing that there is a problem that will affect your engine.
What if your Honda’s check engine light comes on and it is flashing? This signals that there is something going on that could cause serious damage to your Honda’s engine and you should go straight to Mile High Honda to have it looked at. It is very important to remember that the way to getting the problem checked out is to take it easy, no highway speeds and no towing or hauling!
What if your Honda’s check engine light comes on and it is a steady light, and not flashing? Keep an eye on it and see if it goes out in the next day or so. If the light persists for more than a couple days it is time to schedule an appointment with us and find out the cause. Be prepared, it could be as easy as a loose gas cap or much more serious, but you should never ignore the light. The engine is your car’s heart and you do not want to risk prolonged damage, it will more than likely be much more costly and take longer to fix if you do.
Is your Honda’s check engine light on right now? Come visit Mile High Honda and experience our new approach to servicing your Honda. Our Honda Service Technicians are factory trained and certified ensuring your Honda vehicle will be in great hands. We look forward to seeing you!

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Honda Check Engine Light

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