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Denver Honda Fuel System Service

Saving money at the pump is addicting, but sometimes those savings come at an unforeseen cost. Cheap gas may lead to gunk build up on your fuel system, that gunk then produces lower fuel economy. Don’t worry, a professional fuel system service will get your fuel system (fuel intake and fuel injectors) clean and running at peak efficiency. The service will also save you money with increased fuel economy. Come experience Mile High Honda’s fresh approach to servicing your Honda. Possible due to the use of our special process, tools, equipment and of course our Honda-trained technicians. We ensure your Honda vehicle will be in good hands.


Is your Honda’s gas system gunked up and lowering your fuel economy? Mile High Honda service department in Denver provides quality service at affordable prices that will have you back on the road in no time. Check out our many amenities below. We look forward to seeing you!

It takes a steady stream of fuel for your Honda to run smoothly and efficiently. Like all major systems in a vehicle, routine maintenance is required on the fuel system to keep it operating at its peak. Whether you drive a Ridgeline, CR-V, Fit, or Civic, you’ll achieve the best performance by keeping the engine clean with a Honda fuel system service at Mile High Honda in Denver, CO.


What is a Honda Fuel System Service?

It’s a regularly scheduled maintenance item for all Honda vehicles. Using OEM-approved equipment, a factory-trained technician injects a cleaning solution into the fuel system at the engine. This process dissolves deposits that build up on fuel injectors and in the fuel system, restoring full flow and optimizing fuel atomization into the combustion chamber.


Why It’s Important

The fuel you put in your gas tank contains impurities including moisture, dirt, dust, and byproducts from the refining procedure. Particles can get caught up in the fuel system and the injector tips can get gummed up. Instead of a fine, precise mist of fuel, the gas ‘glops’ out and doesn’t mix as evenly with air. That means more gasoline is required to achieve the same performance.


Honda fuel system service is an inexpensive yet important service at Mile High Honda restores performance and extends the life of fuel injectors and other fuel system components.


Choose Mile High Honda

In Denver, Centennial, Aurora, and the surrounding Colorado communities, Mile High Honda is the best choice for fuel system service. Highly-skilled technicians perform every fuel system service using Genuine Honda fuel system cleaner, and a visual inspection is performed with every visit to our service department.


But it’s more than just our skills. At Mile High Honda, you’re treated with the utmost respect by our knowledgeable, friendly team, ready to answer all your questions. Feel free to wait for your vehicle’s fuel system service in our comfortable customer lounge, well-stocked with continental breakfast and snacks, hot beverages and bottled water, free Wi-Fi, and satellite TV. We can also get you back home or to the office with a loaner vehicle or using our speedy shuttle service.


Keep your Honda running strong with a fuel system service from the friendly team at Mile High Honda.

Our Many Amenities:

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