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If you are due for Honda CV Axle Joint Maintenance or require repair service, you have come to the perfect place. Mile High Honda of Denver has a team of Honda certified technicians with extensive training and expertise in servicing the Honda CV. The best way to know that you received high-quality service is to schedule an appointment at Mile High Honda. Our Honda certified technicians have extensive training on servicing the Honda CV and know your innovative electric vehicle inside and out.

CV = Constant Velocity

CV stands for Constant Velocity. A CV Axle Joint has been installed in your Honda. The CV Axle is what allows power to transfer to the wheels when the wheel is turned. Regardless of the direction that the wheel is turned, it will remain equal to the inner section. Your Honda was designed with an innovative axle joint that includes four main components in the shaft, joints, grease, and boot. The CV Axle Joint connects a wheel to the gears in the transmission and allows the wheels to turn.


Honda CV Axle Joint Innovation

Some of the most advanced engineering went into the design of the Honda CV Axle Joints and Boot. The CV Axel was engineered with joints that deliver flexible power to the wheels. Our Honda certified technicians have the advanced training to know that CV axles are actually drive axles because they are able to transmit power from the axle to the tire.


Common Symptoms that you need CV Axle Joint & Boot Maintenance:


  • You can hear a clicking noise when making a turn
  • There is grease on the inner edges of the tires
  • You can feel a vibration in the wheel when driving


What can I expect from Honda CV Axle Joints & Boot Service?

  • A Honda certified technician will inspect the axle shaft to confirm that it needs service
  • The wheel is removed and the faulty Axle Joint is replaced
  • All fasteners and wheels are torqued to factory specifications
  • Tire pressure is checked and inflated as needed

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