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Honda Brake Pad Replacement Service in Denver

Are your brakes squealing? Do the brake pads on your Honda need to be replaced? After thousands of miles of driving, brake pads wear down, significantly reducing their ability to stop your Honda. Often, the squealing noise indicates it is time to have your brake pads replaced. Getting your Honda’s brakes serviced is easy with Mile High Honda Service.


Are your Honda’s brake pads squealing right now? Come experience Mile High Honda’s fresh approach to servicing your Honda. Without cutting any corners we are able to subtract the time it takes for many routine services in half.  This is possible due to the use of our special process, tools, equipment, and our Honda-trained technicians. We ensure that your Honda vehicle will be in good hands. Check our many service department amenities below. We look forward to your visit!

Whether you’re driving through the streets of Denver or through the Colorado foothills, your Honda’s brakes experience wear every time you press the pedal. During the time you own your Honda, whether it’s an Accord, Civic, Odyssey, Pilot, or any other model, it’s likely your brake pads will wear out. In Denver, Aurora, Centennial, or the surrounding Colorado communities, stop in at Mile High Honda to have your Honda brake pad replacement service performed.


Why Do Brake Pads Wear Out?

Your Honda’s brakes use friction to bring it your vehicle to a stop. Brake pads are mounted in a caliper that squeezes against a brake rotor to slow your Honda’s momentum. Brake pads have friction material bonded to them that provide optimum stopping power in all driving conditions.


Over thousands of miles, the friction material wears away. A squealing noise might become audible when you’re braking, and you might detect your braking performance isn’t what it used to be.


It’s easy to get your brakes working properly once again, simply with Honda brake pad replacement service at Mile High Honda in Denver, CO.


How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

How frequently your brake pads need to be replaced depends heavily on how you use your Honda. Aggressive braking and stop-and-go city driving take a toll on brake pads much faster while smooth, steady braking and highway driving extend the life of your brake pads.


On average, brake pads will last between 25,000 and 60,000 miles before replacement is necessary.

What Brake Pad Replacement Looks Like

A factory-trained Honda technician at Mile High Honda first performs a complete inspection of your braking system. The front brake pads are replaced with Genuine Honda or OEM-approved brake pads. It may be necessary to change your brake rotors at the same time for even wear and optimal braking performance.


At Mile High Honda, it’s more than just about installing new brake pads on your car, SUV, truck, or van. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the services your vehicle needs for your peace of mind. Experience the comfort of our waiting area with continental breakfast, snacks, hot beverages, free Wi-Fi, and a kids’ play area. You can continue on with your day in a loaner car, or take a ride from our shuttle service.


When you need Honda brake pad replacement service in Denver, Mile High Honda is happy to serve you.

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