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Brake Fluid & Moisture


Brake fluid operates in a closed system and can survive like new for years. However, moisture from the surrounding air can begin to work its way through hoses and cracks in other parts of the braking system. When your brake fluid becomes dirty or full of moisture, it can reduce how your brake system operates and the vehicle’s stopping power. As moisture builds up in the brake fluid, the fluid’s boiling temperature decreases, and heat can begin building up throughout the brake system. When the brake fluid becomes too hot, it can diminish the stopping power during hard stops, which is a safety concern. Beyond the safety issue, the increased heat in the brake system can cause damage to other brake system parts, such as the brake lines, master cylinder, and calipers.


Honda Brake Fluid Service Prevents Costly Future Repairs


Flushing and replacing brake fluid is relatively inexpensive compared to replacing rusted brake lines, corrosion on calipers, or repairing any other component of the brake system. As a rule of thumb, it’s wise to have the brake fluid inspected and tested for moisture content every year, and no more than every three if you live in a high-humidity area. Drivers living in areas that get winter weather should also inspect their brake system frequently, as salt and other contaminants can get into the brake fluid. 


Expert Brake Fluid Service with a Honda Certified Technician


You might be able to tell that it’s time for Brake Fluid Change Service by inspecting the fluid in the brake fluid reservoir, usually sitting on top of the master cylinder under the hood of your vehicle. Brake fluid is often clear to light brown in color but will darken with age, becoming murky from water contamination. A better way is to have brake fluid inspected by a Honda certified technician with special equipment that can test for moisture and see what they recommend.


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If you are ready for your annual inspection or if you need Brake Fluid Service, it is now the best time to schedule an appointment at Mile High Honda. Don’t risk the continuous-topping-off method of Brake Fluid maintenance. It is unsafe to drive with old brake fluid. Schedule an appointment today at Mile High Honda to have your Honda car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV receive Honda Brake Fluid Service.

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